Sunday, 9 January 2011

Fabric Now For Sale

I've added little picture linkies over there on the right to Flossies Garden fabrics now available to buy direct from Spoonflower.
There is more to come, I'm still working my way through some colour and scale edits.
Still working on the cut and sew pinafore too.
Here it is so far, I'm thinking of adding some cut and sew bootees to the design as suggested by Mary, I'll update on that once I've figured it out.


Saturday, 8 January 2011

Flossies Pinafore Cut And Sew


Today's endeavors, not at all what I was meant to be doing, but fun anyway.Not sure this is the final draft, just wondering if I should add some pattern to the background, there's a lot of plain fabric there, and if you are going to have leftovers, they may as well be pretty....

Also updated my border print, making it double edged, that seems more economical for childrens clothing, and would also work nicely as a table cloth/runner.

Windfall Border