Tuesday, 13 July 2010

More Collage Patterns

sweet dove collage

Sweet Dove

Sweet Dove Sprinkle


  1. Beautiful!

    I think I love the first repeat more when they are all facing the same way.

  2. Loving the little dove, the colours are beautiful Jeanette.
    I'm sure the distraction is welcome, I hope it's working a little.
    Excitedly waiting and wishing. xxxx

  3. gorgeous colours

    would love it in a smallish pattern as well as a bigger panel and like both the ways with the birds

  4. Just coming back to this- would it be possible to use the lovely textured colours to make a background and cut out the shapes in white? Just thinking of darker fabrics that won't show dirt as much! ( and I know you're far too busy atm to be thinking about this!!) I'm just looking for fabric for a bag I'm comissioning ;)

  5. Great idea Ann Marie, will think on it.