Saturday, 27 October 2012


I received my wallpaper samples from Spoonflower this morning, and I am so so pleased with them. There is only one design I need to tweak before I'm happy to have it for sale, but all five of the others are perfect and are already available to buy direct from my shop at Spoonflower.

First up are two designs from the Flossie's Garden range. I'm afraid my camera hasn't really done them justice...combination of low light and shakey hands, sorry.

Daisy Fields Wallpaper

Daisies wallpaper

Next are the designs from my Dahlia range.


Grey Dahlias Wallpaper

Dahlia Stripe Wallpaper

Dahlia Floral Stripe Wallpaper

Blue Dahlias wallpaper (needs some tweaking)


  1. well .. love them all but especially the bottom one

  2. Oh my word! Your Dahlia fabric would be perfect for my new bedroom (if I could afford it!)