Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Working on a new design


Insomnia sometimes has it's uses. I dreamed up some little capes a few weeks ago at around 3am, scribbled a little drawing on a scrap of paper and pretty much ignored it. Or rather had no time to do anything about it until today.
My mother in law recently gave me some of her beautiful woven welsh wool blankets, sadly they are really damaged from years of not very careful looking after, but I managed to salvage two pieces from this blue blanket to make bed throws, and with the remnants piece together this prototype cape.
Far from perfect, but the beginnings of a more refined design are at least now taking shape.
Sadly, I don't have a supply of wool blankets, but I do have some lovely blue tweed and some gorgeous chunky corduroy.
I'm thinking, hoods and arm holes, and seam detail, collars, lining, matching mittens and hats....

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