Tuesday, 29 June 2010

More Playing

This time with my Flossie's Pinafore dress pattern, wondering about printing the pattern pieces directly onto the fabric complete with instructions etc, just figuring out the technical stuff and having a play.

Flossie's Pinnie 6-12 mths White Apples

Flossie's pinnie 6-12mths Green Apples


  1. The ready to sew fabric patterns seem very popular at the moment ;-)

    I love the one in green!

  2. Yes there are some at the Yorkshire sculpture park shop for skirts. Great idea -I think I hate the pattern stage it takes me ages!
    Looking really great. x

  3. They are very pretty. What ages will they do?

  4. love them

    and would love a cut out and sew project [thumbs up]

  5. These are so pretty Jeanette, I to would love these as a cut out and sew pattern, it would make me much more likely to actually make one, I for one cannot wait for the collection to be available, I love it all. xxx